June 3, 2019

Single Strand knots "Fairy Knots" Heat Damage, What Else Could Go Wrong??

Hi to all my Sistahs and Cousins out there, Hiya!!!  I wanted to come on here and talk to you ladies about a some issues I have been encountering during my hair journey.  And man has this been a long journey.  As you all may probably know my goal is waist length.  But I guess I can say like everything else in my life it has been very challenging to get that plane off the ground. It is hard to stay consistent when on certain days my hair feel like it calls for something new - but what is it really trying to tell me?  I have since corrected some of the things I have been doing and I have just accepted my fairy knots but try to eliminate them.  The heat damage I try to avoid as well.  I make sure I use the best heat protectant I can find.  I have some Chi spray and also I have some suave keratin heat protectant.  I have been wearing my hair straightened for the pass couple of weeks.  What I love about wearing my hair straight at this length is it's convenient.  Also my hair don't shed or break as much compared to when I wear it natural.  Also, A couple ago I added a supplement called diatomaceous earth to strengthen my hair and it has done an amazing job helping me to retain length.  Oh and another added bonus it grows my nails super fast as well. When I say this stop is amazing - believe me.  So where am I now in this journey to waist length?  Let just say I am on my way there and I going strong. 

Even if you have something that works and your closer to your goal.  I would like to recommend adding some of this to your diet and watch what it will do for your over all health.   Special thanks you all for stoping by and come again as the foreigner at the local corner store would say:). 

June 30, 2017


Learning and Loving His Woolly Hair

Out of all my children- and I have six, one came into this world with what I called at the time the old man hair.  He had no hair at the top but had hair around his head like it had been rubbed off in the womb and went bald.  Then when it finally decided to grow in, it was so kinky like a dry woolly pad.  No matter what I put in it I could not keep it moist. Jonah is the only baby I know that got a hair cut at six months.  When he got older he told me he wanted hair like his older brother Brendin.  Brendin's hair is much different, when he was born his hair was so straight he looked like a little Indian.  Then of course it got curly and grew and grew.  Now it reaches his bottom. So I decided to give Jonah's hair shot at growing out. I didn't know how I was going to work with it.  I thought to my self should I lock it? should I braid it? I'm trying to think how I can describe his hair.... it's like his hair grows from a dry parched desert, his scalp seems like something is missing where he can not retain moisture on it and it can not nourish his hair from within.  I really need to look this up because it's not like he is dehydrated like he been working on the plantation in the sun all day.  I seriously think this is condition, no joke.  When I put oil or conditioner on it will either sit on top or less than thirty minutes later it is thirsty again. So I experimented with different products and styles.

Finally after some trail and error I found some styles and products that work.  One of our favorite styles that we like to do often is what he like to call  the "sonic hedgehog".  It looks like locs but it's not.  It's tightly twisted and sinced his hair is so tightly coiled it looks like locs but it will loc fast if I let it.  I have to comb it out once a week.  He is extremely tender headed so I don't comb it often.  It is a must that I comb it once a week or it will loc!  The products I use are a leave in conditioner, any will do, but what works for him is Biotera (from Ross) and I use avocado oil.  I like avocado oil A LOT, it is the only heavy oil that I have found that actually penetrates to nourish inside and protects outside and is very high in amino fatty acids which our hair loves.  Then I use the eco styler gel to lock in and hold the style.  It's pretty easy to do- no comb no fuss.  I have a video of the process I go through down below. I will repeat this process as neccessary during the week, if we have to go somewhere.  Usually I will just moisturize it and keep it moving,  but remember COMB IT OUT ONCE A WEEK!