March 2, 2010

Who Are You?

In America most of us with African American backgrounds Identify as black or African American. I don't think that is fair to the other parts of us that make us whole. If it wasn't for that pinch of Indian, drop of Irish, sprinkle of French, cut of Asian and nice layer of Africa, many of us wouldn't be who we are today. Although many of us look predominately black, we don't have to capitalize, we can dig alittle deeper, I feel deep has more substance. I believe that it is only fair to identify with all of our heritages. Get to know who our ancestors were.  I bet the outcome would surprise many of us. As I am growing wiser:) I am learning more about where my people come from. As they say, in order to know where you're going you have to know where you come from. I think it is important for the soul, cause many of us wonder through life not giving a damn and having little respect and not knowing where to go in life. I believe it is time to get out of that shell and see the world don't you think? If you have no Idea where to start. I would start with the place closest to home that you've never been. Like for me the closest place would be New Orleans Louisana, I have never gone there and don't even know anyone pass my grandmother from there, but one thing's for sure is that we have an extended blood line of french, Irish, Indian and African American ancestry there.  Next I would go back to Japan(I lived there when I was a little girl, my dad was in the Airforce), I have many Japanese relatives there that I have never met except for one, my uncle Norio(I think that's how you spell it) when he came to visit the family.  I believe by starting with the places closer to you. You can branch off from what other relatives can share with you. Indeed we are one but come from many.