June 30, 2017


Learning and Loving His Woolly Hair

Out of all my children- and I have six, one came into this world with what I called at the time the old man hair.  He had no hair at the top but had hair around his head like it had been rubbed off in the womb and went bald.  Then when it finally decided to grow in, it was so kinky like a dry woolly pad.  No matter what I put in it I could not keep it moist. Jonah is the only baby I know that got a hair cut at six months.  When he got older he told me he wanted hair like his older brother Brendin.  Brendin's hair is much different, when he was born his hair was so straight he looked like a little Indian.  Then of course it got curly and grew and grew.  Now it reaches his bottom. So I decided to give Jonah's hair shot at growing out. I didn't know how I was going to work with it.  I thought to my self should I lock it? should I braid it? I'm trying to think how I can describe his hair.... it's like his hair grows from a dry parched desert, his scalp seems like something is missing where he can not retain moisture on it and it can not nourish his hair from within.  I really need to look this up because it's not like he is dehydrated like he been working on the plantation in the sun all day.  I seriously think this is condition, no joke.  When I put oil or conditioner on it will either sit on top or less than thirty minutes later it is thirsty again. So I experimented with different products and styles.

Finally after some trail and error I found some styles and products that work.  One of our favorite styles that we like to do often is what he like to call  the "sonic hedgehog".  It looks like locs but it's not.  It's tightly twisted and sinced his hair is so tightly coiled it looks like locs but it will loc fast if I let it.  I have to comb it out once a week.  He is extremely tender headed so I don't comb it often.  It is a must that I comb it once a week or it will loc!  The products I use are a leave in conditioner, any will do, but what works for him is Biotera (from Ross) and I use avocado oil.  I like avocado oil A LOT, it is the only heavy oil that I have found that actually penetrates to nourish inside and protects outside and is very high in amino fatty acids which our hair loves.  Then I use the eco styler gel to lock in and hold the style.  It's pretty easy to do- no comb no fuss.  I have a video of the process I go through down below. I will repeat this process as neccessary during the week, if we have to go somewhere.  Usually I will just moisturize it and keep it moving,  but remember COMB IT OUT ONCE A WEEK!



Is it truly the end for Shea Moisture? I've never been the type to get caught up in too much hype- well for one I'm an introvert.  So, although I was a little upset because of the hype surrounding Shea Moisture's advertising campaign.  I gave it much thought after everything simmered down.  It's actually quite simple- all the "black" women that was butt hurt over the campaign, think of this.. how loyal were you to Shea Moisture to exclusively (ONLY) use their products and nothing else?  

I think that's a good question and very relevant.  I mean think about it, here you have a lynch mob of Sistahs ready to tear down a successful black company just because the company saw a lucrative opportunity in extending their product line to a different demographic.  Major brands have been doing that for years and guess what? Our sistah jumped right on that band wagon and bought EVERY LAST ONE of those products.... natural, we bought them.  We can be so emotional sometime without even thinking.  In proving their disloyalty we demonstrated OUR disloyalty ( I say "our" cause I speak as A PEOPLE most of the time).  We hardly ever support our black businesses.  Also think about it,  do you think they would've blatantly extended if all black people had a line of shea moisture in their house? With all the competition out there especially with newer black owned products being produced, I'm sure the board discussed a decline in their sales and a potential risk.  I have to be honest, I only bought shea moisture maybe twice throughout my whole natural journey, and that's four years.  I like to use the less pricier ones that work great but that's another post.  We'll stick to this topic for now.  Before you all get to calling me out of my name and how much I'm a coon or whatever, let me remind you of this. Think about it ladies, how many none black own products and I'm not even asking about throughout your house, just hair products a lone.  How many of your hair products are owned by white companies? 

So why cut down our people for wanting to make that "other" "schomoney".  It's sad how we do this to each other, with out even thinking how much they have even contributed to the black communities; or that they have a dream to offer their children to have a better life; and college education; and family to support; and even debt to pay back.  Please think people.  It's time to love one another support one another and build up one another.  It's hard enough being black to even make it to the top.  Let's support those that are already there, so they would WANT to reach down and lift a brother and sisters up.  Keep your heads up my people stay positive PLEASE, and stay focused.  We can make it easier on us if you come together and support each other.  BELIEVE THAT!

June 29, 2017


Many people will say that "black" women have been wanting to look like "white women" for years. Wearing silky straight weaves and bleaching our skin- not me. And hold up, never did we once try to make those women hate their own appearance to take theirs. That is the major difference, they have always done that to "black" women. To say that what is naturally given to us looks better on them is foolish and just sound stupid. To say how ugly we are with full lips and dark skin, but then go out and get the same exact things they talked about us for having.  All because they say it looks better on them.  HOW FOOLISH! Sisters I dont even know why we bother to try to emulate them, they are telling us themselves, you are beautiful sister and they want to be you!  Im just saying what they are saying but in a different way. Anyway.....You know these pass couple of years I have been really watching and digging the growth in the natural hair movement.
So much that I have become a part of it.  There is no denying that there is a movement going on. It bothers me, now that it has become a movement such as a wild fire that can not be stopped; the very look those people wanted us to deny is the very look those people are now trying to wear.

Also why, when THEY do it, they are glorified and praised for the very thing that is natural to us like it's something new.  But we got ostracized for our own image and for not trying to look like them?  I saw this video just a short while ago, actually a couple of videos where these caucasian women were setting their hair to end up with afros!  I could not believe it! I don't know if they did the same thing in the  seventies, when so called blacks wore afros back then, but I never thought I would see it in my time where they would want to try to wear an afro!

When they themselves say it is unacceptable in the work place.  I really don't think I should be surprised though. I mean they try to do everything else and get everything else we have.  But that is another topic, or is it?  After all this post is about them hating it on us and sewing it on or injecting it in them and then loving it.  Hey that's your prerogative, but it is a problem not only to me but to the whole so called black race of women that these people make to hate their bodies, their face, and their color just because they don't look like them.  But then you see these same people killing them selves getting all this plastic surgery, getting skin cancer from burning in the sun just to look like the very people who's image they despise. 


Do they really despise us?  I was always taught as a child that people who are jealous and envious of you are going do what ever it take to get what you have. They may even hate you for it because they can't have it.   They want what we have but with out the label of being a black person and minus the struggles.  I think it's very delusional to not understand where the black struggle is coming from.  We know for a fact that so called blacks were brought here to be nothing more than just slaves. When we became free they still didn't want to consider us human.  That is a strange fact knowing that the slave masters use to rape their so called "non-human" slaves, male and female.  I'm just trying to find some logic in their thinking?  It's like they only have beliefs and the attitude of "that's just the way it's gonna be".

I try not to post things like this in public.  I just hate that we have so many problems and the most frustrating part is, not being able to do anything about it.  We have to fight so hard to get the most simple things in life, we have to prove ourselves ten times worthy because we don't have the complexion for the connection.  We are a very strong people that come from the strong.  We have to bare in mind that we are the descendants of those that survived the transatlantic slave voyage, slavery, jim crow and everything else meant to destroy us.  We are still standing and multiplying in our afflictions.  If that don't tell these people that we were meant and always will be here; we are punished by God but so loved by him, then there can't be any understanding in them.  All I want to know and have a hard time understanding is why.. why did they bomb us in 1921 Tulsa Oklahoma, black Wall street? and why?? why did they do that to us in Natchez Mississippi, Devil's Punch bowel? I actually know the truth but want to hear them say it.  We know why they did those thing to us.  Look at the pictures above again and ask yourselves.  Why would a people so hell bent on destroy a people want to look just like them? Don't make any sense do it?  Well it's because you know the answer. The truth will come out more as we move forward. The descendants of the people that did those atrocities are around us today.  Can you identify them? No, only around the election you could.  Normally they will smile in your face and that's all I am going to say about that.  The reason I won't go further into that is because when a so called black even mentions slavery, we are called racist.  They like to use the word "racist" out of context a lot to their advantage which doesn't make a lick of sense.  Like I said before, delusional and narcissistic I might add.  Well, I didn't mean to turn this into a rant.  I just wanted to address some things that you all might know about but don't to want to talk about.  So I will leave it at that, I can go on and on and on and still it would only be an unprofitable rant, but with lots of meaningful good points which are priceless. Take care my friends be well and keep your heads up. 

June 28, 2017


What do the term good hair mean?  In the black community it is used a lot to describe someone of African descent that don't have the stereo-typical kinky hair texture.  As I don't agree with using the term, I believe all hair is beautiful in it's own right.  I don't consider my hair manageable I wouldn't say not good, because it is naturally given to me therefore should be good. A person of African descent especially here in the western hemisphere have so many different textures of hair.  With out using the texture chart I would say I have the kinkiest to the softest curls and waves in my hair.  Now using the chart just to better describe and identify I would say 3c to 4b or even c.  It's so incredible..
  In order for me to wear my hair natural I have to grow my hair longer in the kinkier parts so when it shrink up it will be even.  I had to learn that.  Growing natural hair comes with trial and error.  No matter if you and a best friend are natural I can guarantee you both don't use the same hair products.  The same reason that many believe the hair chart is flawed.  I wouldn't say it's inaccurate but basic to say the lease.  We have a combination of textures like we have a combination of dna running through our body.  It's all about the up keep and maintenance of the hair that keeps it manageable for the most part; healthy and I say healthy hair always grows.  We are living in an age when our mentality is far from our ancestors. We are becoming more one with our selves and our creator;

therefore awake and in touch with our God given beauty.  We were forced for so long to conform to the ways of our oppressors and that society have made their image the standard of beauty.  Good job sisters, times are changing and no matter what texture of hair you have it is yours and it is beautiful because it is naturally given to you so it is good. Didn't God say everything he made is good.  Then that is the truth.


June 12, 2017

5 Cute Messy Bun Style for Long and Short Hair

My daughters rarely let me do their hair.  They usually just where it down or in a pony.  In this video they let me do their hair.  How fun! I always liked to play in long hair when I was a little girl.  Mainly hair like theirs.  I don't know why we are so smitten by straight or wavy hair.  Women dote after it so much that they would actually spend top $$$ on the these textures.  We should love what we have of course but in the case of hair, let's just say it isn't big business for nothing.  So check out this video of how I hooked this two young ladies up with these different bun styles.  

This was fun and more to come.  I will be doing some temporary color on their.  I will video it for you all so you can see if it works or is a fail. 

June 10, 2017



But life happens....I have been away for so long,  I got married, had more babies.  Moved to Hawaii and then moved to colorado.  I have been so busy with life and family that I haven't had the chance to tend to my internet family.  I hope you do forgive me and I vow to keep yall updated on my views on what's going on today.  And boy have things changed since I've lasted posted 4 years ago.  So as I mentioned before I had babies and with the babies came the weight.  A client of mine who's hair I was doing has lupus.  She mentioned to me how she learned about the plant called moringa and that it is good for purifying and detoxing and healing and also losing weight.  I then looked into the Moringa and decided to order it.  I have been taking it for 2 months now and all I can say is WOW! I mix my moringa in water as I demonstrate in the video.

I bought it in loose leaf form then put it my ninja to create the powder form.  In powder form is good for adding to water and smoothies.  I also add it to my stews, greens and beans in the leaf form like a herb.  I am sharing this because I want to strongly encourage everyone to start ingesting this daily because it will not only nourish you but it can also save lives.  Blessings