August 18, 2013

How to Perm Your Eyelashes?!

Have anyone heard of perming your eyelashes?  Well I guess it's one of the fads going on now.  I guess if it has been around for years, the secret is finally out.  First of all I want to address that I am sure there is a wrong and right way of doing this.  Although the idea all together seems pretty obsurd, many woman world wide are doing it.  There is a video of a lady perming her lashes with regular hair relaxer!  Yes the relaxer we get from the beauty supply store with lye in it and she shows the product and explains that it has lye in it in the video.  First of all ladies, your eyelashes falling out is the least of your worries.  I would be concerning myself with BLINDNESS!  She makes it look so simple and safe.  This is just stupid!  See for yourself.

August 17, 2013

Oprah's August 2013 Cover Photo

The other day while standing in the check out line at the grocery store, scanning the magazine rack as I always do I stumbled upon Oprah's O.  I was mesmerized almost hypnotized by her hair.  For those that dont know me I am a hair fanatic so to see this, to me was a treasure.  Unsure if it is all hers or not, but knowing Oprah really has a lot of hair one can only imagine all of it being hers.  Her overall appearance is beautiful.  Oprah you go girl!

Coarse Edges

Have you ever wondered why your edges won't lay down?  Or why your gray hair is so coarse?  Are you or were you an avid braid wearer?  Or did you always yank out gray hair on sight?  Well there is your problem.  On Dr. Oz, He explained how the growth of more gray hair is the least of your problems when yanking out grays.  Besides that's a myth, gray hair DOES NOT multiply cause you pull them out.  What it DOES cause is damage to the follicle and the appearance of coarse wild looking hair.  So take heed ladies next time those braids are tight on your edges and pulling them out.  If your hair does grow back it won't be that baby fine hair you use to have.  It will be coarse and untamed depending on your texture, you may even grow berries lol.