November 21, 2012

Natural Remedy For Dark Armpits

I was thinking that it would be a good idea to share a remedy on how to get rid of unsightly dark under arms.  So first let's look at the causes.

  • Tight fitted clothes
  • Dead skin build up
  • flabby saggy arms
  • improper washing
  • hair removal creams
  • excessive use of deodorants
  • bacterial infection
  • dead skin buildup
  • shaving
I didn't want to go into any details on the causes because regardless how they got that way, we just want to get rid of it right?  Here is something sweet, well sour and simple :)

Lemons!  After washing just rub a slice of lemon under your arms everyday until they are lightened up to your satisfaction. Viola!

Beautiful underarms naturally in no time, without the use of harsh chemical lighters, whiteners, or skin bleach.  They also make a good deodorant too.  They won't make you stop perspiring but they will kill nasty odor causing bacteria.

November 15, 2012

What's Good Hair Products

Shampoos and Conditioners

 Preferably sulfate free is the best way to go. Here is a my recommendations for high quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioners.

Thermal treatment for natural hair
For those with natural hair and like to wear it straightened, it's very important to protected your hair as much as possible.  I highly recommend these great products following a prepoo, which you can follow my method at my prepoo method post.  These products are great for protecting, smoothing and retaining hair growth, thus promoting hair growth.  

For the free and natural look
For those times when you just want to go natural whether it be in a pony tail or just free and natural. I highly recommend natural to moisturize and a sealer to lock in moisture.  I highly recommend these products.

with the natural oils, feel free to explore what your hair likes.  There are many different great natural oils to chose from that will truly benefit your hair.  I like natural products over all.  But I also go with what works.  But most of all I will always use a natural oil as a base, whether it in a prepoo, deep condition, or hot oil treatment.  I always nourish my hair by feeding it with what it needs, so in turn my hair will always give me back what I want. 

November 13, 2012

Bigen Hair Dye Horror!

Like so many, the thought of just adding water to Bigen hair dye gave me the impression that it just had to be "healthier" for my hair. I thought it was all natural and the best solution for covering my premature grays before thoroughly researching it. My hair was bra strap length at the time and I wanted shiny jet black hair. So what I did was the worst thing any body could ever do to their hair, I left the bijen on over night… tss tss tss. Gradually my hair started shedding and shedding. Meanwhile, since I had just had a baby, I thought it was the hormones. My hair was piling up in the sink like a hay stack. You could literally see through my hair to my scalp. I would be sitting there watching television and I could literally feel strands pop from my scalp. Slowly and slowly I was beginning to feel depressed, unsure what was happening. I looked up everything including thyroid conditions, but failed to look up this dye! Finally after being fed up and desperate, I looked up bijen dye and low and behold… I discovered my culprit. Bijen dye is loaded with heavy metals. Although the instruction say to just add water which is much more attractive then the ones you add peroxide to, this dye is much more harmful than the peroxide dye and bleaching combined.

I found many complaints after complaints on this dye. Also I have to say that this is not natural henna. I have talked about natural henna in my other posts. Natural henna comes purely from a plant. Bigen is advertised as being a henna dye but the hair industry has become very deceitful. Like when they sell human hair blend. Anytime it says premium quality human hair, it's a blend. Okay moving on. I go to this forum quite often they have a good thread on Bigen hair dye
I wish I could find the article from a few years where the girl's face had swollen up beyond recognition. Well if I find it I will post it here.

So anyway that was then for me, and it took a lot for me to recover from that episode physically and emotionally. Although my hair is no where near the length that it was, at least it's 100% more healthier, now all it has to do is grow. I like to always keep in mind that it's only hair and hair grows back.

November 11, 2012

Are African Head Wraps Sexy?

I know I've mentioned in a recent post about how transitioning hair styles are not appealing or attractive by far.  In case many of you don't know what transitioning hair styles are, the photos below is one of them.  Very common around here where I live.

I call these the bush bitch look.  Sorry that's mean, sorry I really am.

Here in America decades ago we invented straightening combs and relaxers.  So I feel offended by these unattractive slave hair style" singing negro spiritual "Waning in the Water" til your hair grows back. Taking us back 200 years.

 I was talking to this lady while our kids were in the gym. She is from West Africa. Senegal to be exact. It was funny cause down a few seats from me, there was a lady with this afro puff on top of her head.
Yes I had to snap a photo.

This lady from Senegal was explaining to me that women in Africa don't walk around like they do here in the states. They have a more elegant presentation in public. She said, "the ladies are lazy by the head here". I laughed because I could not agree more. We were talking about having pride and holding our heads up high in admiration. Not with a "I don't give a care" attitude, that many women display here. By showing respect for yourself and your appearance, lets others see that and respect us as well.  That also goes far beyond appearance, our attitudes too. And we wonder why other races don't mess with us hardly. Sometimes it has nothing to do with them being prejudice, but a lot about the way they see us conduct ourselves. What we need to also realize, is that little stupid things like this affect us as a whole  and it's sad cause we can't even stick together. That's a whole other topic. So for now in this post I need to stick with hair. The women with these head wraps in these photos, to me represent a queen and someone that demands respect from anyone she encounters. So it's not a question of being sexy, it's a matter of showing integrity and dignity for oneself enough to care about what others thinks.  The styles in the pictures below is a beautiful way to transition and you don't have a stress about your hair because you don't have to worry about anyone seeing what's underneath.  That's a secret between you and God. 

November 6, 2012

Natural Hair Does Not Have To Be Naptural Hair.

I know this post is going to offend some people, but I believe by my saying this I am doing some of the men a favor.  For the husband's mainly. The ones that decided to go natural without transitioning.  You know the one I'm talking about.  The one that decided to walk around all day with that mini fro and that band going around their hend to make a statement- to let everyone know they are going natural.  That is UGLY!  And to all the men particularly the husbands that have to stand by their wives while they do this.  I have to say sorry to the husbands because they have to say "that is my wife!". I see this around the city and when I am in the store and I see one of these heads walk by me a I see the look on husband's face as I look at her head.  I don't wanna laugh, I almost want to cry.  Because ladies!! Who said this was cute?  And forget saying, "I don't care what people think".  Well you should. Cause although we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, image says a lot about a person with out conversation.  So what, that it's merely based on assumption but that's just the way it is, and the way it will always be.  That's our nature.  To the women walking around looking like(excuse my language) bush bitches, you know there is a more civilized approach to going natural.  So stop being lazy and braid that stuff up if you are doing to big chop with 1 1/2 inch hair left on your head.  That's why it is a good idea to learn how to braid your own hair, if you don't have the funds to get your hair done.  It takes practice but you'll get better.  It's good if you have little girls.  You can practice on them so you should get good real fast.  I know people that know how to braid but don't like to and they don't need to.  This on the other hand...well, these pictures say it all.

I'll just say this is interesting.  I'm not a fan of it.

On the other hand it does take growth retention starting from that point to get to this.

As you can see it doesn't have anything to do with hair type.  You can have the length you desire, as long as you take care of your ends to retain what you grow.  

November 5, 2012

My Prepoo Method

Everyone has their own system when it comes to their hair. After all I'm a strong believer in finding something that works for you and going with that. I like to do what my hair likes and what makes my hair feel good cause I know the results are rewarding. My hair is happy, I am happy, we both compliment each other.

My first step- is sectioning my hair with 5 ponytail scrunchies. I like to always use the yarn scrunchies. They help my hair grow by adding the right amount of tension and by not tangling it to aid in growth retention. That's why I always keep those around.

My second step- is to take each section at a time and starting from roots apply the extra virgin olive oil to the scalp working it to the ends. I usually just put 1 cup of olive oil in a cup and dip fingers in cup. Make sure you don't wear important attire, it can get messy.

My third step is to massage the scalp and hair.

The final step- is putting the plastic cap on sitting under a bonnet hair dryer for 15 minutes or you can chose to just leave cap on for a couple of hours with heat. It's up to you. Then shampoo, condition, and style as usual.

As you begin to take really good care of your hair, you begin to learn different ways of caring for it which works best for your hair. Oh and another thing, you can use any oil that you desire.  Another one of my favorites for prepooing is coconut oil.