December 15, 2012

A day We Will Never Forget

As I was mixing my cayenne pepper oil. Random thoughts were going through my head. The lost we have recently experienced in Conneticut weighs very heavy on my heart. I feel like I can't move. This feeling of empathy that so many are experiencing right now shows how we are all one. This can happen to anyone of us and we should care and treat each other with respect. How can someone take away a precious gift that God has given to us? How can someone look into the eyes of a child and pull the trigger? I know that person was sick cause clearly that is something that a normal person wouldn't do. As a God loving person in the name of Yeshua something inside me says that we must not judge that person. But how can we look pass the depravity of this act and still love him as our own brother. I feel like he couldn't be one of ours or he was deeply afflicted by demons that led him to his demise taking precious lives with him. Right now it's a sad sad time. I feel like a is paying a hefty price in the after world. He may have escaped prosecution in the physical world, but the punishment he will have to endure now is forever and much great. Rest in Peace Gods little children, he has called you home early.