June 12, 2017

5 Cute Messy Bun Style for Long and Short Hair

My daughters rarely let me do their hair.  They usually just where it down or in a pony.  In this video they let me do their hair.  How fun! I always liked to play in long hair when I was a little girl.  Mainly hair like theirs.  I don't know why we are so smitten by straight or wavy hair.  Women dote after it so much that they would actually spend top $$$ on the these textures.  We should love what we have of course but in the case of hair, let's just say it isn't big business for nothing.  So check out this video of how I hooked this two young ladies up with these different bun styles.  

This was fun and more to come.  I will be doing some temporary color on their.  I will video it for you all so you can see if it works or is a fail. 

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