June 30, 2017



Is it truly the end for Shea Moisture? I've never been the type to get caught up in too much hype- well for one I'm an introvert.  So, although I was a little upset because of the hype surrounding Shea Moisture's advertising campaign.  I gave it much thought after everything simmered down.  It's actually quite simple- all the "black" women that was butt hurt over the campaign, think of this.. how loyal were you to Shea Moisture to exclusively (ONLY) use their products and nothing else?  

I think that's a good question and very relevant.  I mean think about it, here you have a lynch mob of Sistahs ready to tear down a successful black company just because the company saw a lucrative opportunity in extending their product line to a different demographic.  Major brands have been doing that for years and guess what? Our sistah jumped right on that band wagon and bought EVERY LAST ONE of those products.... natural, we bought them.  We can be so emotional sometime without even thinking.  In proving their disloyalty we demonstrated OUR disloyalty ( I say "our" cause I speak as A PEOPLE most of the time).  We hardly ever support our black businesses.  Also think about it,  do you think they would've blatantly extended if all black people had a line of shea moisture in their house? With all the competition out there especially with newer black owned products being produced, I'm sure the board discussed a decline in their sales and a potential risk.  I have to be honest, I only bought shea moisture maybe twice throughout my whole natural journey, and that's four years.  I like to use the less pricier ones that work great but that's another post.  We'll stick to this topic for now.  Before you all get to calling me out of my name and how much I'm a coon or whatever, let me remind you of this. Think about it ladies, how many none black own products and I'm not even asking about throughout your house, just hair products a lone.  How many of your hair products are owned by white companies? 

So why cut down our people for wanting to make that "other" "schomoney".  It's sad how we do this to each other, with out even thinking how much they have even contributed to the black communities; or that they have a dream to offer their children to have a better life; and college education; and family to support; and even debt to pay back.  Please think people.  It's time to love one another support one another and build up one another.  It's hard enough being black to even make it to the top.  Let's support those that are already there, so they would WANT to reach down and lift a brother and sisters up.  Keep your heads up my people stay positive PLEASE, and stay focused.  We can make it easier on us if you come together and support each other.  BELIEVE THAT!

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