June 28, 2017


What do the term good hair mean?  In the black community it is used a lot to describe someone of African descent that don't have the stereo-typical kinky hair texture.  As I don't agree with using the term, I believe all hair is beautiful in it's own right.  I don't consider my hair manageable I wouldn't say not good, because it is naturally given to me therefore should be good. A person of African descent especially here in the western hemisphere have so many different textures of hair.  With out using the texture chart I would say I have the kinkiest to the softest curls and waves in my hair.  Now using the chart just to better describe and identify I would say 3c to 4b or even c.  It's so incredible..
  In order for me to wear my hair natural I have to grow my hair longer in the kinkier parts so when it shrink up it will be even.  I had to learn that.  Growing natural hair comes with trial and error.  No matter if you and a best friend are natural I can guarantee you both don't use the same hair products.  The same reason that many believe the hair chart is flawed.  I wouldn't say it's inaccurate but basic to say the lease.  We have a combination of textures like we have a combination of dna running through our body.  It's all about the up keep and maintenance of the hair that keeps it manageable for the most part; healthy and I say healthy hair always grows.  We are living in an age when our mentality is far from our ancestors. We are becoming more one with our selves and our creator;

therefore awake and in touch with our God given beauty.  We were forced for so long to conform to the ways of our oppressors and that society have made their image the standard of beauty.  Good job sisters, times are changing and no matter what texture of hair you have it is yours and it is beautiful because it is naturally given to you so it is good. Didn't God say everything he made is good.  Then that is the truth.


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