June 29, 2017


Many people will say that "black" women have been wanting to look like "white women" for years. Wearing silky straight weaves and bleaching our skin- not me. And hold up, never did we once try to make those women hate their own appearance to take theirs. That is the major difference, they have always done that to "black" women. To say that what is naturally given to us looks better on them is foolish and just sound stupid. To say how ugly we are with full lips and dark skin, but then go out and get the same exact things they talked about us for having.  All because they say it looks better on them.  HOW FOOLISH! Sisters I dont even know why we bother to try to emulate them, they are telling us themselves, you are beautiful sister and they want to be you!  Im just saying what they are saying but in a different way. Anyway.....You know these pass couple of years I have been really watching and digging the growth in the natural hair movement.
So much that I have become a part of it.  There is no denying that there is a movement going on. It bothers me, now that it has become a movement such as a wild fire that can not be stopped; the very look those people wanted us to deny is the very look those people are now trying to wear.

Also why, when THEY do it, they are glorified and praised for the very thing that is natural to us like it's something new.  But we got ostracized for our own image and for not trying to look like them?  I saw this video just a short while ago, actually a couple of videos where these caucasian women were setting their hair to end up with afros!  I could not believe it! I don't know if they did the same thing in the  seventies, when so called blacks wore afros back then, but I never thought I would see it in my time where they would want to try to wear an afro!

When they themselves say it is unacceptable in the work place.  I really don't think I should be surprised though. I mean they try to do everything else and get everything else we have.  But that is another topic, or is it?  After all this post is about them hating it on us and sewing it on or injecting it in them and then loving it.  Hey that's your prerogative, but it is a problem not only to me but to the whole so called black race of women that these people make to hate their bodies, their face, and their color just because they don't look like them.  But then you see these same people killing them selves getting all this plastic surgery, getting skin cancer from burning in the sun just to look like the very people who's image they despise. 


Do they really despise us?  I was always taught as a child that people who are jealous and envious of you are going do what ever it take to get what you have. They may even hate you for it because they can't have it.   They want what we have but with out the label of being a black person and minus the struggles.  I think it's very delusional to not understand where the black struggle is coming from.  We know for a fact that so called blacks were brought here to be nothing more than just slaves. When we became free they still didn't want to consider us human.  That is a strange fact knowing that the slave masters use to rape their so called "non-human" slaves, male and female.  I'm just trying to find some logic in their thinking?  It's like they only have beliefs and the attitude of "that's just the way it's gonna be".

I try not to post things like this in public.  I just hate that we have so many problems and the most frustrating part is, not being able to do anything about it.  We have to fight so hard to get the most simple things in life, we have to prove ourselves ten times worthy because we don't have the complexion for the connection.  We are a very strong people that come from the strong.  We have to bare in mind that we are the descendants of those that survived the transatlantic slave voyage, slavery, jim crow and everything else meant to destroy us.  We are still standing and multiplying in our afflictions.  If that don't tell these people that we were meant and always will be here; we are punished by God but so loved by him, then there can't be any understanding in them.  All I want to know and have a hard time understanding is why.. why did they bomb us in 1921 Tulsa Oklahoma, black Wall street? and why?? why did they do that to us in Natchez Mississippi, Devil's Punch bowel? I actually know the truth but want to hear them say it.  We know why they did those thing to us.  Look at the pictures above again and ask yourselves.  Why would a people so hell bent on destroy a people want to look just like them? Don't make any sense do it?  Well it's because you know the answer. The truth will come out more as we move forward. The descendants of the people that did those atrocities are around us today.  Can you identify them? No, only around the election you could.  Normally they will smile in your face and that's all I am going to say about that.  The reason I won't go further into that is because when a so called black even mentions slavery, we are called racist.  They like to use the word "racist" out of context a lot to their advantage which doesn't make a lick of sense.  Like I said before, delusional and narcissistic I might add.  Well, I didn't mean to turn this into a rant.  I just wanted to address some things that you all might know about but don't to want to talk about.  So I will leave it at that, I can go on and on and on and still it would only be an unprofitable rant, but with lots of meaningful good points which are priceless. Take care my friends be well and keep your heads up. 

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